COVID19 PROTOCOL (updated May 2021)

We pride ourselves at Ravenstone Lodge on the standard of our housekeeping, but we appreciate that in the current situation we will have to take even greater care in order to protect the health of our guests and our staff.  This protocol sets out the steps we are taking, please read it and let us know if you have any questions.  This protocol and the measures we take will continue to be updated in line with legislation, Government advice and industry best practice.



  • We have carried out a full risk assessment in relation to COVID19 and a copy is available on request.
  • Before starting work our staff are required to declare any symptoms that could be associated with COVID19 and will have their temperature taken.  They are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they can.
  • Our staff have strict COVID19 procedures, including the regular washing and sanitizing of hands and wearing latex disposable gloves when appropriate.  While it is a legal requirement staff will wear appropriate face covering but once this requirement is lifted, they will be given the option but not obliged to wear face masks and visors unless a guest expressed the preference that the person serving them should wear one.
  • We have always given the very highest priority to the cleaning of guest rooms, public rooms and kitchens but we have now taken this to a new level, using the very best cleaning materials including an antiviral disinfectant specifically designed to kill the COVID19 virus.
  • We are changing our check-in procedure to respect social distancing while at the same time giving you an appropriate welcome and explain the layout and facilities of Ravenstone Lodge.
  • Between guests, bedrooms will be thoroughly cleaned with particular attention being paid to surfaces that could harbour COVID19.  However, during your stay, in order to minimise risk, until the Government confirms that all restrictions have been lifted (currently 21 June) we will not be entering your bedroom and will not therefore be servicing your room.  Spare pillows and blankets have been removed from the bedrooms so if you require either, please ask a member of staff.  After 21 June we will give guests the option as to the level of room servicing, they require.
  • The public WC will not be in use and would therefore ask guests to use the facilities in their rooms.
  • While social distancing is required, we will continue with our reduced seating in both our restaurant and bistro and for this to work logistically we will continue to space out bookings and to offer a combined restaurant and bistro menu.
  • Room service will not be available.
  • Social distancing has also meant we have had to suspend the use of our lovely breakfast buffet table and instead to deliver everything to your table from the kitchen.  While this continues, in order for us to be able to provide an efficient breakfast service we will be asking guests to choose a from one of three half hour breakfast slots, these being 8.30/9.00, 9.00/9.30 & 9.30/10.00.



  • We have hand sanitiser stations positioned at various points around the hotel, please make use of them for your protection as well as others.  Please use the hand sanitiser at the entrance to the hotel whenever going in or out.
  • We appreciate that a part of the pleasure for many of our guests is social interaction with other guests, indeed many friendships have been formed between people who first met at Ravenstone Lodge.  It would be wrong to attempt to curb that, but we would ask all guests to observe social distancing rules and to be aware of and responsive to the sensitivities of others.
  • Please do not stand at the bar, we will take your drinks order from wherever you are seated.
  • We are aware that check-out provides a risk of too many people gathering in and around the office, which is of course a small area. So to minimise this problem, on the evening before your check-out we will deliver your bill to you room by sliding it under the door and would ask you to check it and if possible and you use an Internet Banking App to make the payment; our bank details will be on the bill.  Please note that we have a strong preference not to be paid in cash.
  • Three days after your stay with us we will send you a post-stay e-mail in which we will ask that you contact us immediately if you or any of your party have developed COVID19 since your stay.  If this means you could have been capable of transmitting the disease while staying with us, we will inform all guests who were staying at the same time and will of course arrange for our Ravenstone team to be tested.